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  CDR Rich Timme addresses the 2009 Man Overboard seminar attendees during the classroom session.
  Captain Gary Keen of the River School provides classroom instruction to the 2009 Man Overboard Seminar attendees.
  Waterways Association President, William Porter (center), with departing CDR Steve Wischmann (left) and incoming CDR Rich Timme (right)
  The Waterways Association of Pittsburgh board members wish departing CDR Steven Wischmann much success in his next assignment.
Back L to R: Dan Lacek, James Guttman, Mark Devinney and John Dillner. Front L to R: Michael Somales, Dick Ehringer, CDR Steve Wischmann, Jack English, Al Stein, Rex Woodward and William Porter
  Waterways Association President, William Porter, (right) presents a plaque of appreciation to departing CDR Steven Wischmann (left)
  The US Coast Guard presented the USCG Public Service Commendation Award with accompanying lapel pins at the May 2009 membership luncheon to (left to right) Mark Devinney of Nicholas Enterprises; Chuck Minton of Campbell Transportation Company; Dan Lacek of the Gateway Clipper Fleet; John Pushak of Marion Hill Associates; CDR Steven Wischmann of US Coast Guard; David Sneberger of the US Army Corp of Engineers; Jack English; Dick Ehringer; Eunice Ratcliff of CONSOL River Operations; Michael Somales of CONSOL River Operations, William Porter of Ingram Barge Company. Not included in photo is Steve Grizzel of Campbell Transportation Company.


  The 2007 PMA scholarship winners were recognized during the August 8th WAP luncheon at the 911th.

(left to right) John Paul Spanbauer, Nicholas Fleming, Eric Cheng
  President Jack English (right) and Dick Ehringer (left) of the Waterways Association thank COL Stephen Hill for his years of dedication to the Port of Pittsburgh at a dinner held at the Tin Angel Restaurant located on Mount Washington.
  River School instructor Steve Thompson provides classroom instruction to Mn Overboard seminar attendees at the Floreffe Fire Hall on July 18, 2007.
  Attendees receive invaluable hands-on instruction at the CONSOL West Elizabeth Landing during the July 18, 2007 Man Overboard seminar.
  More instruction at the CONSOL West Elizabeth Landing during the July 18, 2007 Man Overboard seminar.
  2006 Barge Breakaway Seminar attendees reviewing techniques one a barge located at Campbell Transportation’s landing.
  A snapshot of the 2006 Barge Breakaway Seminar attendees.
  More hands-on training for 2006 Barge Breakaway Seminar attendees.
  On December 13, 2006, CDR Steve Wischmann (right) bestowed the Coast Guard’s prestigious Public Service Commendation Award to Joseph Tomcik, Jr., Shane Hoffman and Antonio Steadman, all of Mon River Towing Company (currently CONSOL Energy Sales Company).  Terry Hurst, Brian Nolan and Douglas Young were unable to attend the ceremony.
  William E. Porter (left), chair of the Pittsburgh Maritime Association awarded one of the 2006 scholarships to Andrea Renae Amos at the Waterways Luncheon at the 911th Air Force Base on August 9, 2006.  Other recipient, Emily Carpenter, was unable to attend the event.
  CDR Wyman Briggs addresses attendees during the 2005 Barge Breakaway seminar at the Chartiers Country Club.
  Work groups brainstorm on high water prevention methods.
  Frederick Goldsmith catches the audience’s attention with his informative presentation.
  Instructor Bill Kline of the River School identifying different types of personal floating devices (PFD).
  Instructor Bill Kline of the River School providing last minute instruction prior to the “In the Water” portion of the training.
  Participants practicing floating techniques designed to improve survival time in the water.
  Participants experience the challenge of removing themselves from the water.
  A helper boat demonstrates removal techniques with a hard side boat.
  A demonstration with a soft side boat along with assistance of a net device is used to remove a participant from the water.
  Participants testing the maximum weight of a helper boat.
  Participants experiencing the water impact by falling from a barge.
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